Friday, June 07, 2019

I can’t believe it is June already.  We did not have a very nice spring and so far it is just been wet and rainy.  I spent many years working in agriculture.  I feel so sorry for the farmers that have not been able to get their crops in the field due to all the rain.  We have a lake place and so far we have spent very little time as the weekends have not been very nice or warm.

I have been able to do one of my favorite things quite a few times already this year.  I am a concert junkie.  I have gone to 100’s of concerts in my lifetime.  I just love music.  In May I was able to see The Who for the first time.  What fun!!  I also went to see Kool and The Gang as they opened for Foreigner.  Foreigner is one of my favorites as every song they sing was a hit.  Next up was The Zak Brown Band followed by Jon Pardi and Dierks Bentley.  All in all a good line up so far.  Next week I am going to see Dead and Company. 

I have not accomplished much in the sewing room due to having company for a week and taking a small vacation before that.  I have worked on small hand projects as I am trying to follow along with a group I am in on facebook and complete Cheri Saffiote Payne’s Sweet Land of Liberty. 

I am still finding family.  After my half-sister in Pennsylvania found me last year I received another message in December from a gal in Kentucky.  She is two years younger than me and was given up for adoption also.  We found that we share a large amount of DNA, enough so that we are half-sisters also.  We share the same father as my first sister and I share.  So with little to no work from me I have now found I have two half-sisters.  I have two sisters from my adoptive parents where I was the middle sister and once again I am the middle sister to my blood sisters.  It is all very exciting and fun as we all seem to be alike in many ways.