Monday, October 29, 2007

Dawn to the Rescue

I have a funny. As some of you know, every time I run into a quilting crisis I contact Dawn and she figures my problem out for me. She also gives me great color advice, etc. Last week Bonnie posted a fantastic string quilt. I loved it but immediately thought that I would want to avoid the set in seams. I thought about emailing Dawn to see if she knew how to make 8 pointed stars without set in seams but figured I had better give her a break, so I googled my question. Guess what, google led me to Dawn’s site where I got my answer. Now isn’t that crazy! So I ended up emailing Dawn anyway and she has instructed me on how to proceed. I figured before I was to start another project I need to finish some up. I have so many near the last stages and have just set them aside. This weekend was very productive for me. I finished 4 full size quilt tops, made my doll quilt swap top for my December swap and put together this little pumpkin quilt top. I also got all my little pieces sewed into blocks from my previous post and I am now in the process of tearing the paper off. That is definitely not a fun job!
Last week at Sossity’s she gifted me with this wonderful little embroidered pumpkin block. I just love it. It is so primitive looking. I fretted all week as to what I should do with it and decided that all it needed was a nice frame. It will be my next little hand quilting project.


sossy said...

Okay, you were way more productive than I was. I did get all the halooween tumblers blocks cut for a quilt from the fabric you sent. Thanks. With those and what I all ready had I think I am ready to start sewing that one. I also started a little embroidered piece from the same patterns as I made for you for Donovan's preschool teacher, so should be ready to quilt it tonight for a gift on Weds. I also cut out little treat bags for the kids in his class. They are having a party Weds. So really all I did was a small amount of cutting and no actual sewing.

Libby said...

Isn't Dawn the best? I find so much inspiration from her work.

Darcie said...

That IS funny! But we are not surprised, are we!

That's a darling block...and will be perfect framed.

Dawn said...

Oh how cute! The fabrics you used to frame it are perfect! It looks like something you would make! And cut it out, I always drool and like your stuff better than mine! We are a pair aren't we!

Caron Mosey said...

I love the "red work" on this quilt... or should we call it "orange work" ? Too cute! But then, I love anything with owls on it.

Thanks for sharing!


Susan said...

I love the Halloween stitchery, and I love what you did with it.