Monday, October 22, 2007

Quilting with Dawn and Sossity

I had a great time sewing with Sossity and Dawn this weekend. Our friends Lanna and Heather were with us also. We all met up and had a slumber party of sorts at Sossity’s. She is such a sweetie and her home is just filled to the brim with quilts hanging. Her little boy Donovan is such a delight also. He is really mom’s big helper and loves playing with fabric. And I love getting together with Dawn. She is my quilting guru. She seems to know a little about all facets of quilting. I took all my “crisis projects” and she helped me through them. Thanks Dawn! I worked on making a couple of pillowcases for a Christmas exchange I am in and also some sawtooth stars in plaids, and a little wool pincushion that Dawn had given us a kit for. It felt good to actually sew again as I haven’t done much of anything lately. Sossity has a big, beautiful, organized sewing room. I haven’t seen anything like it. I took some pictures but they turned out dark. Her husband built her a large sewing center. It is just gorgeous. We set up in front of it with our little sewing tables. Lanna and Heather worked on hand projects. We also had a little doll quilt swap drawing. We are to have them done by Christmas. I already have my partners quilt planned out. Late Saturday afternoon we went to an antique mall and then onto dinner at a restaurant famous for its catfish. It was a really nice weekend. I feel ready to start being productive again!


Darcie said...

Sounds like a great time! How fun for you all to be able to get together in real life.

That Dawn...she IS a walking quilt encyclopedia, isn't she! I still have to get her to make a fabric postcard though.... ;-)

sossy said...

It was such fun to have you guys over. I enjoy my sewing time, but there is nothing better than sharing that time with friends. Can't wait to see ll the doll quilts when we do our swap and looking forward to Florida!

Dawn said...

Oh sure, catch a picture of me with a bottle! :)
Isn't sossy's room to die for! I'm missing it big time! I have so much fun with you too!

Lucy said...

OOhh I can see you had a wonderful time!! Wish I was there with my featherweight too :-)


Susan said...

There is nothing like a retreat with friends to get your enthusiasm and creativity up again! Sounds like you had a great time in a wonderful place.