Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Red Rum, Red Rum

Halloween Eve, the festivities begin in my house tonight! My daughter is Halloween crazy. She has been watching all the horror movies on tv for the past month. As I have written before I am not a scary movie fan and usually can’t sit through them. I did make it to the last 15 minutes of Halloween the other night which has to be a record for me. When I was growing up we would go on Saturday afternoons to the large movie house in the “city” and catch the show of the week. That movie theater closed years ago but recently re-opened to show old movies now and then. Tonight they are showing “The Shining”. I have seen parts of this on tv numerous times over the years. My daughter thinks it would be so fun to go to the old movie theater and see it in the dark on the big screen. So that is the plan for tonight. My son and a few of his friends have decided to join us so we should have a good time.
Since we never get any trick or treaters at our house we are heading to town on Halloween to pass treats out at my parent’s house. The live smack dab in the middle of town and get more then there share of little goblins. Riah took an old wedding dress she had bought at a garage sale and dyed it pink. She sewed pink and black trim on it and purchased some black net stockings and gloves and a mask. She is going as the bride of something or other. We wonder if she will ever grow out of this!


Dawn said...

OK, as much as I want to come watch movies with you - I am passing on this! Oh man, I cannot watch scarey movies! Not even 15 mins worth! Hope M has a good time! Emily is going as a pirate - I think she is too old, but she insisits. I have to admit her costume is awesome, and she used her own money to buy the stuff!

tami said...

I do NOT do scary movies either.
DH learned early on in our courtship that it was a painful experience to try and watch a scary movie with me. I have never even seen Psycho and I hate showering when there is no one home with me.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I DO love scary movies, but have to say I don't think The Shining is all that great. Sounds like a fun night though. I hope Riah never grows out of her love for Halloween. I'd love to see her Halloween collection again - has she added anything since last year?

julieQ said...

NO scarey ones any more for me. I used to watch lots of them, but I was just scared of my shadow....Comedy and lighter movies are more my style these days!!
I am glad your daughter is enjoying this time of year!

Happy Halloween!

Libby said...

I'm a scary movie chicken, too. If I even think there might be something scary on tv, I have to leave the room . . . it just sticks in my head and taunts me for days *s*
Hope you all had a great Halloween - the costume sounds like a lot of fun . . . why grow out of it?