Friday, January 13, 2006


I love quotes. I can spend hours searching the internet for quotes and sayings. If I find one I like I jot it down in a little journal I keep just for that reason. Many of these hope to make it on a quilt someday.
A group of creative friends that I spend my Tuesday evenings with, decided to do a roosting robin. Instead of passing each round on to another as you would do in a traditional robin you keep the quilt top and complete each round yourself. So, out came the little journal of sayings. This was a perfect opportunity to design around one.
"And to the flower a bee is a messenger of love." ~Kahlil Gibran. It popped right out at me and I was off drawing as fast as my pencil would go. I now have three rounds competed and one still to go. I am enjoying working on the black background. Something I haven't done too often in the past. Today I read the best quote on the back of a magazine. "You can't change a man...Unless he's in diapers. ~Mary Bennett. hmmmm now that sounds like a definate quilt in the making!


Dawn said...

Oh Laura - I haven't seen this one yet! I LOVE it! And Tonya is going to go nuts over the bees - I can see her brain churning now - hmmm free form bees!

Tonya R said...

Man, Dawn beat me here. I was just gonna ask about the bees. Are they pieced - did you design them yourself? (and actually, yes, my brain is starting to buzz - how would I do that?) I love this quilt. Love the center section with the circle flowers and love love love the quote.
Have to say I like this way of doing a "robin" much better than the typical send your blocks off way.

Sandra said...

I really love this idea of using quotes on quilts. A definite to-do on some of my UFOs and quilts to come :-)

Darcie said...

What a great quilt!!! The colors...the design...everything!

Bonnie said...

Wonderful quilts!! I'm anxious to see more, and I hope you continue to post to your blog things you are working on "in progress" as well as things you've finished!


Lucy said...

OOh Laura , I can't remember that I said welcome to you !! (shame,shame) I like your quilts. ANd love to se MORE :c)